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Welcome to the 20s

Happy new year, and a warm welcome to the 2020’s. As the new year kicks off, I’m busier than ever, and I’ve lots to catch you up on in future posts: I’ll be posting on :

  • how we restructured our marketing* roles to deliver the best quarter ever,
  • how we are adapting our organisation around our emerging new content platform,
  • and I’ll be giving YOU access to the toolkit that you need to jumpstart marketing in your own organisation.

First, though, I want to share with you some work that I’ve completed over the last few months. With a new international president joining World Vision (from Google no-less – the well-know marketing platform) a group of experienced digital folks from across our global organisation have been commissioned to accelerate our adoption of digital practices. To kick this all off, we want to share a picture of what our organisation might look like in the not too distant future, and a short video seemed the way to go.

Note that in line with the advances both hardware, software and media skills, this video didn’t require the use of any external suppliers. No external video editors, camera crews, directors, or producers were hired or commissioned – this video shows both our ideas of the future and also what the organisation of today is already capable of imagining…

World Vision: Our Digital Future

What struck us most in putting this together was that the transformation we’re looking to achieve with digital isn’t going to arrive in some new shrinkwrapped computer hardware or in some cool new software update – the technology we need is already in our pockets. The culture, practice and business models that we use will drive the change that we must achieve.

And as always, we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Happy new year my friends, and welcome to the ’20’s.

* “Digital first”, right? We no longer need to call out “Digital” marketing as if it’s some wierd new thing that might not catch on. It’s the 2020’s right? There’s marketing and then there’s offline marketing.

Agile Announcements Digital Transformation

Time to change the world for the better?

Our job at World Vision is to work with our supporters transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.  No matter what element of World Vision’s work a supporter is interested, we want to bring that to life for them on their screen, on their phone and throughout their digital life.

Why work at World Vision? I asked a few people what they thought…

That’s where you come in.  You see, until now, we’ve worked with external agencies to deliver those digital experiences and digital products.

But digital is now far too important a part of our everyday lives to be outsourced, rather, we have to start with digital when we’re thinking about any supporter experience. That’s why we’re creating a brand new team.  We’re building the capability to deliver our own digital platforms and to develop them rapidly using the latest best practice from tech companies and startups.

If you are a .NET web developer, and you want be part of a fast moving team using test driven development, CI/CD, remote working and flexible hours to create amazing experiences for world vision’s UK supporters, if you want to work with our colleagues in a hundred countries and see the impact of your work every day, if you want to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children, then get in touch today.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Digital Platform Team Leader

.NET Developer, CI/CD Specialist

Front End Developer

.NET Developer, TDD Specialist

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Be part of World Vision’s digital revolution…

We’re very excited about our new Digital Innovations Team, part of the Digital Collective.

We’re even more excited that we can now share with you the first four great roles that will inspire people to join World Vision online.

Have a look at the roles and share them with people who you think would find them inspiring. And if you think that this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then we can’t wait to read your application.

Roles close 7th and 14th July – so be quick!

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“A Clear Way Forward” for charities on digital.

When the Charity Digital Code launched on 15th November 2018, charities welcomed the sector-wide standard showing what good digital looks like today.  Since then over 150 charities have used the Charity Digital Code Quick Assessment Tool to test their own digital capabilities and practices against those described in the sector, and have shared their data anonymously with the rest of the sector.

The verdict is that there’s a long way to go, but the way forward is clearly indicated by the code.  Zoe Amar, who chairs the Charity Digital Code, commented:

It’s helpful to have these early insights into where the charity sector is at in relation to The Charity Digital Code of Practice. The results show that there is some way to go with digital in the sector, which is a concern.  The best practice set out in the Code is designed to be ambitious in order to raise standards and we encourage charities to work towards it, as this will help them increase impact, improve sustainability and develop skills.

One challenge highlighted by the report is that whilst charities reported strong leadership from their boards around governance and setting the direction of the charity, that there were real challenges delivering on this within the charity – particularly because of a real shortage of significant skills – 75% of charities reporting that they had “very few digitally skilled people around”.  With digital skills being a strong driver of digital performance in other areas, the benchmark clearly points to this as the area of focus most needed by charities today.

One area of hope that the report highlights, however, is that analytics is an area that the charity sector is getting to grips with. Over 40% of charities indicated that they had significant tactical or strategic work going on in this area, and whilst this is a long way from fully meeting the standard, this does show charities focusing on understanding supporter behaviour, and in turn on the most effective ways to engage and respond.

“Digital has changed our culture and has changed our economy, our relationships and the way we live our lives” commented Jonathan May, CEO of Hubbub Fundraising, which sponsored the research, “It’s vital that charities use this benchmark as the measure of the size and urgency of the task ahead. The benchmark suggests that the sector as a whole is at risk of falling behind, and now is the time to act. Digital has now reached the point where a few strong digital people at the right place in the organisation working with the right partners on the right projects can have a transformative impact on both fundraising and service delivery.”

cdc benchmark png

Martin Francis Campbell, CIO of Christian humanitarian organisation World Vision UK, and chair of the Digital Collective which has run the data gathering and research highlights:

“The Charity Digital Code has been a tremendously useful standard against which charities have been able to measure ourselves.  It’s no surprise that we’re behind the curve on digital, and we know that we need to do more, but what’s so valuable about this report – and the code itself – is that, by focussing on the culture and practice of digital, rather than the technology, it shows us where we need to concentrate our effort in order to kickstart improvements overall.”

The results of the Charity Digital Code Benchmark Report have been published today in full to more than 150 charities who have shared their anonymised data for the research.  The full report is also available free of charge to any charity contributing data using the Quick Assessment tool here:

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Podcast: Zoe Amar on the “war room” and the Charity Digital Code

Welcome to the digital collective podcast.  In this episode, digital expert Zoe Amar talks about the “war room” experience, the disruption of digital, and the charity digital code.  Just click below to listen.

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 11.03.27

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