Weeknotes: 30th November. Starts here

It starts here.   Following the announcement a couple of weeks ago of the Digital Collective, this week the Strategic Digital Delivery group got together for the first time to review the list of proposed digital projects for the coming year.

We learned a few things this week which I think are worth sharing:

  1. A list is a powerful thing.  We’ve had an external consultant working with World Vision over the last year to get together the plan for digital projects – which ones we’re doing, why, and what the priority is.  This was valuable work, and well done, but the nature of our organisation meant that we ended up with projects on the list in a variety of states of “readyness”.  We also ended up with quite a few different versions of the list, which didn’t agree with each-other.  So the big win this week was getting to a single list which has each project identified with its key parameters listed. Getting this all together in one place where everyone can see the same list was surprisingly revolutionary and well worth the effort.
  2. Silos are really expensive.  In closing out the differences between the different “versions” of the list of projects, we realised that there were some projects there which were highly sought after by several teams (though they each had their own version of the project, so we could streamline).  We also found other projects which had been put there by one team who thought that another team wanted it, but where that team really didn’t consider it to be a high priority at all.  In one instance, we found a project under way which was in this status which lead to some hurried re-aligning of expectations behind the scenes.

So all in all, a great deal was achieved by getting a bunch of the right people in the room at the same time.  We didn’t have everybody there, so one of my teams had gotten missed from the invite (sorry!) and we had to second guess some of their responses, and also some of the project “sponsors” were not in attendance, with the result that their projects were not moved forward.  So we definitely all need to work on our diary management!

Still, overall it was a good start, and meant that we now have a prioritised list of high level projects (epics in scrum terms) to work through with our scrum team which meets next week.

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