Is your charity as digital as you think?

With the Charity Digital Code, charities now have a sector-wide standard showing how they can better fulfil their charitable purpose in a digital age.  The code has been developed following an extensive collaboration between the Charity Commission, the Co-Op foundation, Lloyds digital inclusion team, and the Office for Civil Society, plus an extensive group of over 150 charities who provided input and feedback.

The result is a refreshingly simple code which allows the charity sector as a whole to take stock of where it is today, and where it needs to go tomorrow.

At the Digital Collective, we think the Charity Digital Code is fantastic, we’ve been really pleased to have been able to feed in our own experiences to contribute to its development, and we’d encourage every charity to take a look at the code and see where digital offers the biggest opportunity to take its own cause forward.

To make this super-easy, we’ve teamed up with our friends at the Hubbub Fundraising to create the Charity Digital Code Quick Assessment tool.

The Quick Assessment Tool takes just a few minutes to complete and provides a detailed breakdown based on your responses of how your organisation measures up to the code and suggests the next steps you can take.

[ Use the Quick Assessment Tool Now ]

Any data provided is used solely for the purpose of providing your personalised report and (if you opt in) to allow you to participate in the benchmark report.

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